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Yinkos Grocery List 1.33 is Out!

Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by Olu No Comments



We are pleased to announce that Yinkos 1.33 is out on Google Play.


As this is our first post, I’ll start by introducing the app. Yinkos is an Android app designed to help you with three things: managing shopping lists, shopping online and comparing prices across your favourite stores.


Yinkos is an app that helps you manage your grocery shopping lists easily. With a few clicks you can create lists. No more need to jot shopping lists on wads of paper. Yinkos keeps track of all items you buy in a master list so that next time you shop, it’s a point-and-click affair. It also provides a database of common groceries to help you create lists fast and efficiently. Yinkos takes the tedium out of shopping and makes it fun.


Second, Yinkos helps you shop online easily. If you buy groceries from Tesco or Sainsbury’s frequently, you can easily do all these from one app. It provides a consistent interface for shopping for items and sends your baskets to your respective stores where you can check out. Yinkos even helps you book delivery time slots at your favourite store.


Third, Yinkos helps you compare prices. Everyone likes to get the most value for his/her money, right? Well, Yinkos helps you do just that. Using our ‘Price Comparison’ feature you can compare the prices of items in your online shopping basket across stores and even create identical shopping basket in another store if you decide to switch stores. How cool is that?


Now to the update: Yinkos 1.33 comes with a fresh clean modern design. It also provides improved navigation structure to make it easier to find the most important parts of the the app. Also, this update brings with it several features to improve usability.


So, dig in and get the app from Google Play. Please send us feedback at support@yinkos.com so we can improve the app. Also, loads of features are coming soon.