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DiffPDF – A tool for comparing PDF files

Posted on: February 21st, 2018 by Olu No Comments

Hi folks,

I just want to talk a bit about a handy tool I tried recently. It’s called DiffPDF and, as the name implies, it helps you compare PDF files for textual differences. It is provided by Qtrac Ltd.

I tried it because I had two large PDF files generated by a similar process and wanted to see if they were identical. DiffPDF did a decent job at comparing the two files. It gives a page-by-page analysis of the comparison so you can easily view at a glance what pages differ. The user interface is quite intuitive and the application is easy to use.

You can try out the application free using a trial license by going to Qtrac’s website http://www.qtrac.eu/diffpdf.html and downloading an appropriate version. After 20 days, a license is needed.

One downside I can see for this app is that it only supports Windows.

So, if you ever need to compare PDF files quickly, try DiffPDF. That’s it for now.