How to fix the issue where messages sent to email alias of Group doesn’t appear in inbox

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Hi folks,

In this post I will discuss how to fix an issue one may face when using multiple email address managed by Google Workspace. Specifically we’ll talk about how to fix the issue where messages sent to your email alias or to a Group you belong to does not appear in your Gmail inbox.

Example: John’s primary email address is john@solarmora.com. He also has the email alias salesman@solarmora.com. If John includes salesman@solarmora.com as a recipient of a message, the message isn’t sent to his inbox. However, if John sends a message to his primary account, john@solarmora.com, the message is sent to his inbox.

The cause of this problem is that Gmail, in an effort to prevent clutter, doesn’t deliver messages that you send to your own alias (or group you belong to) to your inbox.
You can find them in Sent Mail or All Mail. To receive these messages in your inbox, you need to set up the alias or Group as an alternate “Send mail as” address.

That’s all for now. Till next time, happy emailing.


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